Dadosh Discount Code

Dadosh is offering new exprince to customer. We provide latest and original product to customer. And we also discount with latest and 100% organic product provide to customer. Now Dadosh provide all our new customer discount upto 1000 taka but some condition is apply for discount lets see here.

  • For 1000/= discount have to order 8000/=
  • For 500/= discount have to buy 4000/=
  • For 250/= discount have to buy 2000/=

Discount Code here :

  • 1000/= Discount Code (DISCOUNT1000)
  • 500/= Discount Code (DISCOUNT500)
  • 250/= Discount Code (DISCOUNT250)

For any kind of information just email or phone us


Phone: +88018-77999987

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